Holiday - Pippin Contemporary, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Aleta Pippin, Owner

 Aleta Pippin, an artist, opened Pippin Contemporary in 2011. Prior to that, she co-founded Pippin Meikle Fine Art in 2006 with fellow artist, Barbara Meikle, and in 2012 left to focus completely on growing Pippin Contemporary. She had a vision of showing abstract art by outstanding painters and sculptors. As her gallery business grew, she expanded that vision to incorporate landscapes and cityscapes in an abstracted style. In 2013, she relocated her gallery from downtown Santa Fe back to the world-famous Canyon Road which allowed the addition of several sculptors who created large-scale work.


In 2016 Pippin had the opportunity to purchase the building at 409 Canyon Road and leapt at the chance. This move catapulted Pippin’s business into further growth through the addition of more artists, larger space, and greater visibility.

Pippin Contemporary, founded in 2011 by abstract painter Aleta Pippin, is located on the historic Canyon Road and is an uplifting world of vibrant color as expressed in contemporary art. “I was drawn in by the amazing color” and “it feels so welcoming in here.” These feelings are standard, hard to put one’s finger on, yet a common thread weaving throughout our guests’/collectors’ experience. The richly sensuous visual experience is complemented by the warm, engaging approach of our staff.


Pippin Contemporary’s artists, selected for their energetic and tactile expressions, present a range of personal perspectives expressed through their art. Those expressions range from original paintings in vibrant colors to sculpture in stone, metal and glass, bronze, and kinetic. As Pippin suggests, “that passion creates an element of surprise and beauty, offering you, the viewer, an opportunity to reflect, to access emotions, and to explore your thoughts.”


Owned by an artist, we at Pippin Contemporary understand the importance of the artist, gallery, collector relationship. Collecting art is about that relationship as much as it is about the purchase. Oftentimes, our collectors become friends who make it a point to stop in whenever visiting Santa Fe.